Here are some questions we created about World War I that we believe you might find on a homework assignment, a unit quiz or an exam. Click the "Show Answer" button under each question to see the answer.

The Start of World War I

When was World War I?

Why was it called a world war?

What three countries formed the Triple Alliance?

What three countries formed the Triple Entente?

Why did over 30 countries become involved in the war effort during World War I?

There were two sides to this war. What were they called? 

Which side did the US join?

When did the US enter the war?

Why did the war happen?

What event started the war?

How did secret treaties contribute to the start of the war?

The War in Europe

Approximately, how many million people, civilian and military, were casualties in WWI?

What was Trench warfare?

What was No Mans Land?

What was the Western Front?

What was the Eastern Front?

What were some of the advancements made in WWI?

Did both sides use poison gas?

What is a tank?

How were airplanes used during the war?

What was a Zeppelin, and how was it used?

How did Submarine Naval Warfare affect the war in Europe?

How did Surface Naval Warfare affect the war in Europe?

Were there any large naval battles in WWI?

The War on Other Continents

Where else did fighting take place in WWI besides the Eastern and Western fronts?

What happened in Africa?

What happened when Japan joined the Entente?

What happened in the Pacific Islands?

What happened in Southwest Asia?

America Enters the War

Why did both sides want America to enter the war on their side?

What did American Isolationists believe?

Who was Woodrow Wilson?

How did the use of propaganda push America toward war?

How did the sinking of the Lusitania push America toward war?

What was the Zimmermann telegram?

Who was General Pershing?

What was the AEF?

What was America's effect on the War in Europe?

How did the Russian Revolution affect the War?

How did the war affect the people in the USA?

How did the expansion in Industry affect the USA?

How did the influx of women into the workplace change America?

How did the influx of minorities into the workplace change America?

Germany Surrenders

Why did Germany surrender?

What was the Treaty of Versailles?

What were Wilson's 14 points?

What are reparations?

What was the League of Nations?

How did the Treaty of Versailles contribute to the start of the next world war twenty years later, World War II?

Did the USA sign the Treaty of Versailles?