Roman Republic Question:

What were the Punic Wars and why were they fought?


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Rome was growing and conquering more territory. Carthage, a city in Africa, was also growing. Rome and Carthage fought over who would control trade in the Mediterranean Sea. There were 3 separate wars fought. Carthage was a great sea power and defeated the Romans at sea; Rome was a great land power and beat the Carthaginians on land. Rome won the first war and Carthage gave up Sicily to Rome. Rome won the second war and made Carthage give up its army and pay tribute to Rome. The third war was also won by Rome and the Romans determined that there would be no fourth war. This time, they completely destroyed Carthage. They tore down every building. They scattered the people to all parts of the Roman Empire. They even poured salt on to the fields so nothing would grow there. The Punic Wars