The period in American history from 1929 to 1941 is referred to as the Great Depression. It was a time when America's economy was not working. At its worst, 25% - one out of four people - were out of work. Some historians say the number of people out of work was closer to one out of three, since married women who lost jobs were not considered unemployed. Many banks failed and many farmers lost their farms.

Here are some interactive questions we created about the Great Depression that we believe you might find on a homework assignment, a unit quiz or an exam. Test yourself. See if you remember the answer (or guess the answer), then click the "Show Answer" button under each question to see if you are right!

The Great Depression, Interactive Quiz with Questions and Answers

What was the Great Depression?

Did the Great Depression occur only in the USA?

What ended the Great Depression?

What caused the Great Depression?

What caused the stock market crash of 1929?

What is buying on the margin?

Why did so many banks fail?

How did bank failures affect business?

What was a Hooverville?

What was the bonus army?

What government agencies were created during the "New Deal"?

What was the NRA?

What was the AAA?

What was the FDIC?

What was the FCA?

What was HOLC?

What was the PWA?

What was the CCC?

What was the NYA?

What was the WPA?

What was the NLRB?

What was the SSA?

What else did the government do to try and end the depression?

Did these programs work?

Do any of the New Deal agencies still exist?

During the Great Depression, how did people get along without money?

During the Great Depression, what did people do for entertainment?

What was a shantytown?

Are shanty towns like our tent villages for homeless people today?

What was the Dust Bowl?

How did the Dust Bowl contribute to the Great Depression?

How were the arts affected by the Great Depression?