How did a person get to the ancient Egyptian afterlife?


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The ancient Egyptians believed you had to lead a good life and do good deeds. That would keep your heart light. After you died, Anubis weighed your heart. If your heart was heavier than a feather, your heart was eaten and you did not go to the afterlife. If you had been good, you moved on to the Land of Two Fields, which to the ancient Egyptian was a real place where they would spend the rest of eternity in peace and happiness. There were a couple of other pieces to this. Besides a light heart, you also had to have your name written down somewhere; this was normally done with a cartouche or nameplate. And, you had to have a mummified body to come back to at night to rest. This is the reason mummies were so important. If you did not have all three pieces, a light heart, your name written down, and a mummified body, you could not reach your afterlife. Egyptian Funerals