Why were the ancient Egyptians afraid of the goddess Ammut?


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People in ancient Egypt were not afraid of their gods, usually, with one exception - the goddess Ammut (also spelled Ammit). Ammut was part hippo, part lion, and part crocodile, the three largest man-eating animals known to the ancient Egyptians. Ammut was known as the "Eater of Hearts".  The ancient Egyptians believed if you did something really bad during your lifetime that Ammut might magically appear and eat you. With her crocodile head, she had the teeth to do so. Ammut was always on hand in the magical Hall of Ma'at after you died, during the weighing of the heart ceremony, in case she was needed. If your heart was heavy, Ammut would gobble you up right then and there and you would disappear forever. There was another ancient Egyptian god with a crocodile head, the god Sobek. The people loved Sobek, the protector of water and marshes. But they were terrified of Ammut, the Eater of Hearts. Crocodile Dieties in Ancient Egypt