Why was the ability to make fire so important?


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The discovery and use of fire was very important to early man for many reasons. First, they discovered most animals are afraid of fire.  So a campfire gave some protection to the group or tribe. Second, they could camp in better locations. A fire allowed them to pick where they camped.  They no longer had to look for trees to climb into or rocks and cliffs to shelter under. Third, it kept them warm.  This goes with the second reason.  They could move into colder climates and hunt the animals that lived there.  They could then return to their campfire to warm up. Fourth, it was a healthier way of life.  Cooked food is less likely to carry disease. These people began to cook their food consistently. As a result, it would have been easier for the young and the old to survive. Fifth, it was a more social grouping.  Early humans could now gather in larger groups, feeling safer and more secure.  This allowed them to exchange stories, and just talk to other people. Fire